Planning a Holiday Abroad – Your Holiday Checklist

Planning a Holiday Abroad – Your Holiday Checklist

Holidays are everyone’s favourite time of the year and something that we all look forward to. They are a time where we can relax, over indulge and overspend without concern. Many of us live for our holidays and the countdown for the next one begins the day after our return. Despite all this booking holidays can be a stressful task and if not done correctly can seriously damage the experience. We have all seen the TV show “Holidays from Hell”. Holiday makers travel abroad only to find dirty hotels, unhelpful staff and terrible transfers. All of this can avoided with correct prior planning and by following a simple holiday checklist!Flights
With the high volume of competing airlines flight bookings are now cheaper than ever. It is important however to fully understand what you get for your money. The flight may be cheap but you may be able to get a whole lot more for a little extra. For example in-flight meals and entertainment, adequate leg room, refreshment services. It is also important that you establish what baggage allowance you are entitled to before you get to the airport. Less than 1 kilogram over could result in additional charges.

Your hotel is perhaps the most important part of your holiday. At the end of the day it is your home for the duration of your stay. Usually if someone has a bad holiday it is down to the hotel more than anything else. Bad hotels are easily avoided however. When you have found a potential hotel visit its own website and assess the facilities and pictures of the rooms. Check the surrounding area to ensure that the location is what you are looking for. Finally visit Trip Advisor. The Trip Advisor website is full of hotel reviews created by people who have stayed at these hotels. These paint the real picture of what the hotel is all about.Transfers
Transfers from the airport to you hotel are often cheaper if you book them independently. If you are going at it alone ensure that there are adequate taxis, trains or buses available to you and allow for these in your budget. If you want simplicity then take transfers as part of a package deal.Package Deals
Package deals take away a lot of work and research on your part. You get the flight, hotel and transfers for one fee. Package deals are very competitive these days and more often than not are the best option. They are easy to book and the travel agents will only use reputable services.Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is no great expense these days but it is important that you ensure that you are fully covered. The average insurance cost for a 2 week holiday is £20. When you take out a policy ensure that it is with a reputable company and that it covers you for what you are planning to do. For example a standard policy will not cover you for activities such as skiing or white water rafting. Choose not to cover such activities and you risk massive medical bills!

Ensure that you have all of your documents together in one place. Check that you have all passports and that they are in date. If you are thinking of hiring a car or moped abroad then make sure you have your driving license. Also make sure that you have copies of any insurance documents you may have and any policy guides.Medical
Make an appointment at you local doctor’s surgery approximately 6 weeks before your holiday. Depending on your destination you may require immunisation. At this appointment you will be advised on exactly what you require. It is important that you leave at least 6 weeks as certain jabs need this length of time to take effect.Follow the above steps and get a hassle free holiday at the right price!

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