Twin Centre Holidays to Egypt

Twin Centre Holidays to Egypt

If you are looking for something a bit different for your next holiday, or if you are struggling to choose where it is you want to go this year, then twin centre holidays might just provide the answer for you – and twin centre holidays to Egypt are a particularly good option. The term twin centre holidays refers to the fact that you are visiting two ‘centres’ (destinations) within a single trip. Often these twin destinations will be within a single country, so you will fly out to that country to land in one destination, before being taking farther afield to another location at roughly the halfway point in your holiday.This then means that you will get to enjoy much more of a country and to sample everything it has to offer in a single trip. Twin centre holidays are particularly well suited to large countries which is why it’s common to find multi centre holidays India or multi centre holidays Egypt. Egypt is particularly great for twin destination holidays as it has so many different things on offer that people feel they should see, and as these are all so spread out across this huge country.

Say you were going to visit Egypt then. Here you would likely want to see the pyramids. However contrary to popular belief, Egypt is not completely covered in pyramids, but rather they are only found at some destinations around the country. The big pyramids that everyone talks about are also referred to as the ‘Great Pyramids’, and these can only be found in Giza. There’s three of them to be precise, and they are a truly extraordinary site to behold. Not only are they incredibly huge towering above anything else the ancient world has to offer, but they are also highly fascinating. Seemingly constructed based on the stars of Orion, the pyramids were originally tombs and the word when deconstructed and translated means ‘stairway to the sun God/heaven’ (the ‘Ra’ in the world coming from their deity Ra’). Nearby is also the incredible temple of Karnak that often goes unknown but which is almost as impressive in terms of its size.However if you were to just visit the pyramids that would put you nowhere near the valley of the kings where all the other tombs can be found, and which offers another fascinating history lesson. Here the tombs have been better preserved and you get much more of a sense of the Egyptian’s beliefs and their amazing craftsmanship.

But then perhaps you would feel a trip to Egypt was incomplete without visiting one of the holiday resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh and getting to enjoy the warm sea water and views. Anyone going on a holiday to Egypt would likely want to do all of these things, but the only way they could probably achieve that would be to use twin centre holidays or multi centre holidays Egypt. Otherwise the entire holiday would be spent traveling, or you would find you missed out on some of the more impressive sites and locations.

For more on twin centre holidays follow the links. This is a great way to visit Egypt in particular, but you can also enjoy multi centre holidays India and more.