Top 10 Destinations For Holiday Rentals in Ireland

Top 10 Destinations For Holiday Rentals in Ireland

Top 10 locations for holiday rentals in Ireland according to a recent survey. Among the list comprise some of the most popular locations, but also contains a few but rather pleasant surprises.Self catering holiday cottages and holiday accommodation in Ireland are the perfect way to spend your holiday. There are some magnificent beaches, stunning golf courses and plenty of scenic views to admire as you travel along many of Ireland’s quiet roads. Below is our top 10 Ireland holiday rentals list:1. Cork
Cork is Ireland’s 3rd largest city, after Belfast and Dublin, and has long been greeting visitors from afar. It has plenty of self catering holiday accommodation to offer in and around the city. BB’s and holiday cottages in Ireland, offer a real friendly welcome and with a warm Irish hospitality. Well known attractions like Blarney Castle (to kiss the Blarney stone) are a ‘must see’ as is the Cobh Heritage centre where the Titanic sailed from on its fateful epic journey.2. Donegal
Situated in North West Ireland, Co Donegal is a wonderful place to holiday. The beaches are great and it’s ideal for families. The rolling hills and rugged landscapes are also very attractive at anytime of the year, Donegal and Letterkenny have been popular with holidaymakers for many years, with opportunities to appreciate the steadier pace of life that most of Ireland adopts. There are numerous golf courses ideal for the experienced golfer and beginners alike.3. Galway
Around 1 million tourists visit Galway each year which is thought to be one of the fastest growing city populations throughout Europe, and many decide to book a holiday rental in Ireland. There are many touristy places to see around the centre of Galway and ther’s always music blaring from local bars, but others included are: Salthill – popular with ‘Ocean Jumpers’ and Connemara which has spectacular landscapes and massively wide beaches where you can stroll for hours on end.

4. Killarney
Killarney is one of Irelands top and most beautiful cities to visit.One trip alone would not be enough to experience half of what is on offer. Beautiful scenery, stunning countryside and shimmering lakes, Killarney has it all. Warm hospitality at every place you visit, whether for a top class hotel, a local bar for a drink or just a simple restaurant, you’ll find quality service and holiday rental accommodation wherever you stop.5. Kinsale
The pretty hillside-town of Kinsale is not to be missed on your next trip to Ireland. It has an abundance of character and charm to experience as you stroll around the quaint harbour or quayside shops and restaurants. It’s a lovely town to enjoy a great lobster salad or a quiet local beer. Watching the boats arrive with their daily catch can easily warm your appetite for staying in this scenic town of multi-coloured cottages that you’ll find around every corner. Famous named visitors have stayed and owned properties here for some time, and are often seen when least expected.6. Dublin
Dublin’s fair city certainly lives up to its name as tourists flock to enjoy holiday apartments in Dublin, the Irish capital all year round. Whether you stay in an apartment or BB, you’ll notice the city centre is buzzing with its day-to-day energy and activities, and city-life is what most visitors want to enjoy. A visit to the famous Guinness plant is a real eye-opener as is a quiet drink beside the Liffey – the main River that runs through the centre of Dublin. Apartments in Dublin are available in many parts of the city, depending upon season and other celebrations.7. Longford
Holidays to Longford are ideal if you are a keen angler or golfer. There are plenty of attractive places to see within Longford but sporting activities for fishermen and golfers seem to be the first choice for many. Co Longford is home to much of Ireland’s most beautiful landscapes which you can only appreciate first-hand. Around the North of Longford and parts of Leitrim there’s a rugged almost harsh scenery, ideal for climbers, but with an incredible array of glistening lakes and steep hillsides to admire. Holiday accommodation is available mainly in pretty Carrick-on-Shannon.8. Waterford
Dating back to Viking times, Waterford has been Ireland’s oldest city and is famously known for its Crystal. Waterford is a small friendly city filled with endless opportunities and plenty of things to see and do.To secure your next Holiday rentals Ireland, research it well before hand. Waterford is known for its impressive medieval city walls, cobbled back streets and colourful waterfront, which give Waterford a charming Irish feel.9. Wexford
If you’re considering a holiday rentals in Ireland for your next vacation, then maybe Co Wexford is for you. To experience the delights of Southern Ireland’s east coast and the inland regions beauty a visit to Ireland would be incomplete without a Visit to Wexford. Holiday rentals Ireland or simple cottages in Wexford make the ideal base from where the couples and families can enjoy outdoor activities together not far from their holiday accommodation. Ireland has a number of the best golf courses located in and around Wexford so it’s an ideal holiday destination whether you are a serious player or just a beginner. If you prefer a day on the beach though, then Wexford has all the necessary beaches, some with attractions, but all requirements you will need.

10. Co. Wicklow
You’ll find a wide selection of self-catering holiday accommodation in the Wicklow mountains area, many of which allow pets including dogs. Country-style holiday rentals in Ireland exist for friendly fishermen or climbers who may be exploring the rocky terrain around the Wicklow mountains, or swimmers admiring the shimmering lakes or the coastal waters and beaches. County Wicklow covers part of Ireland’s sunny East coast, and it takes approximately an hour to reach from the centre of Dublin. Co Wicklow is much quieter that than Dublin and with less of the chaos of city life. It’s got lots interesting places to visit, like stately homes and various estate Gardens to browse around as well as several historical sites if you are interested in archaeology. Wicklow’s rugged and mountainous landscapes attract thousands of visitors each year, some seeking activity thrills while others enjoy a steady walk in peaceful surroundings, making it an ideal location for couples and families on holiday. You can enjoy a cottage holiday rental here or anywhere along the sandy bays of the Wicklow coastline or even within view of the spectacular Wicklow Mountains favourite walking trails.

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